The Robert Presley Student Scholarship Fund

In 2019 as a tribute to Senator Robert Presley’s legacy, our community came together to establish a student fund to help train the next generation of criminal justice policy leaders and change makers. Generous donations have made it possible to invest in our students, who are eager to make their mark on the criminal justice system and hard at work preparing for their careers through specialized trainings, hands-on learning, and research opportunities.

The Presley Center helps prepare UCR students for the next chapter of their lives by awarding scholarships to justice-impacted students, providing paid internships, awarding research fellowships to students committed to justice research, and hosting events for students to engage with the justice system’s broader research and policy dialogue, among other opportunities.

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients

Merisa Duran Bennie McGhee

  Anna Azanon

3rd Year, Global Studies

Kimberly Bermudez

3rd Year, Liberal Studies
Jameelah Gonzalez  

 Jofama Coleman

3rd Year, Public Policy


2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

Merisa Duran Bennie McGhee

  Merisa Duran

4th Year, Psychology

Bennie McGhee

4th Year, African American Studies
Jameelah Gonzalez Bennie McGhee

 Jameelah Gonzalez

3rd Year, Economics 

Greg Sanchez

4th Year, History 

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Jesus Avitia Jesus Avitia


Jesus Avitia

4th Year, Business Administration


Doris Fong

1st Year, Economics

 Kimberly Burdette

4th Year, Sociology 


2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients


Jessie Bridgewater Jessie Bridgewater

 Dyanna Casteneda Policarpio

4th Year, Political Science & English


Bibiana Elena Canales

3rd Year, Ethnic Studies & Sustainability Studies
Jessie Bridgewater  

 Carlos Cruz

Ph.D. Student, History