Our Vision

The Presley Center aims to become one of the regionally recognized Centers for criminal justice and criminological research. As such, policymakers and criminal justice leaders can rely on applied, theoretical and evidence-based studies produced by the Center affiliates to inform their practices. Moreover, our vision is also to disseminate research findings to the larger community through expert speakers and hosting conferences that cover an array of criminal justice topics. We hope these efforts will ultimately improve crime policies and public safety.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center, as it is articulated in the Penal Code, is to conduct research toward the following goals:

  • To better protect the public from crime by determining the causes of, and means of preventing, violence, crime, and criminal deviance
  • To identify the methods and practices necessary for the most beneficial operation of law enforcement and local and state youth and adult correctional institutions
  • To reduce violence and recidivism rates in prisons, jails, and youth facilities